Gary Hibberd

Managing Director

Gary was appointed as Managing Director of Agenci Information Security in 2012 but began his career as an IT programmer back in 1985 and has had a passion for all things cyber related since then.

He is an experienced and qualified Information Security & Business Continuity professional, author, speaker and regular contributor to government initiatives on cyber security and counter terrorism.

Gary is a member of COURAGE, which is the European Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism research Board, who advise at a European level on these topics and a pro-active member of CiSP, the Cyber Security Information Sharing Programme which is a UK Government initiative established to drive communication and action related to Cyber incidents.

Gary’s passion and enthusiasm was recognised by the Business Continuity Management industry at the “Continuity, Insurance Risk” (CIR) in 2014 when he won the ‘BCM Personality of the year” award.