Claire Banwell Spencer

Data Solver

Claire is a dual qualified Barrister and Solicitor, with 15 years experience and an MBA from Cranfield School of Management. Claire was the Group Head of Compliance of the largest property services group in the UK, where she experienced first-hand the pain caused to organisations and their customers by breaches of privacy legislation. She understood that those challenges would only deepen in May 2018 when the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations would cause a seismic shift in financial and reputational risk for organisations that didn’t comply.

Driven by the desire to make the complex simple and create practical solutions for legal compliance Claire, with the support of her cofounder, Vinay Nagaraju, created Data Solver.

Data Solver’s Privacy Management Software automates compliance with the GDPR. It’s products and tools provide case management processing, risk mapping and system driven recommendations and audits which provide practical, expert, cost effective and automated privacy solutions via the concept of “Privacy by Design” a key GDPR principle.

Organisations will experience a simplification of the complexity of the GDPR and an acceleration of compliance with the GDPR on an on-going basis.

Claire is also a trustee and legal and compliance officer to a UK charity and a GDPR consultant to a number of other UK organisations.