Murat Soncul

DPO & Head of Information Governance
South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Murat Soncul completed clinical training in dentistry and worked as an oral surgeon before completing his PhD in 2002 at University College London researching the reliability of healthcare technology to support oral and maxillofacial surgical planning.  He joined South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust in 2003 to co-ordinate the e-Health Programme. He currently works as the Head of Information Governance in the same Trust and is the alternate vice-Chair of the Confidentiality Advisory Group at the Health Research Authority. Murat is also leading the information governance working group to enable the Local Digital Roadmap for Our Healthier South East London transformation programme. In the past, he served as the Company Secretary and the Chair of the Board of Trustees at the Metro Centre, which is a London-based charity that promotes the health and well-being of all people experiencing issues related to sexuality, identity or gender. Murat’s professional interests include innovative uses of information technology to improve healthcare service delivery and patient experience, fair and lawful use of patient information, privacy and confidentiality, capacity and consent, cyber security and risk management.