Nick Brandreth

Vice President of Sales

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Nick Brandreth is vice president of sales for Integris Software, a fast growing start-up and the Pioneer of the emerging market of Data Privacy Automation. Integris Software helps organizations build and maintain a defensible data privacy strategy in the wake of developments such as GDPR and state privacy laws.

He brings more than 16 years of sales leadership at innovative security companies, including SafeBreach, Imperva and Tripwire.

Throughout his career, Nick has evangelized cutting-edge technologies and implemented modern solutions to resolve challenges more effectively. His pursuit of innovation has helped establish the companies he worked for as leaders in their space. For example, during his time at Tripwire, Nick was an early proponent of DevOps and DevSecOps before either existed and the company was the only vendor named in the initial PCI requirements. Similarly, SafeBreach was a pioneer in the attack simulation space and the first company to bring automated red teaming to the market.

Nick holds a bachelor and master’s degree in English from Portland State University.