Cinzia Biondi

Data Protection Law & Compliance Specialist
Professional Support

Cinzia Biondi has an extensive legal, compliance, and risk background, with a particular focus in financial services and related sectors.  She has spent 20 years working in Data Protection as a dual-qualified lawyer in private practice and in-house, a Compliance Director in industry (encompassing a DPO role), and, in more recent years, providing specialist independent advice and strategic support in a consultancy capacity. In 2014, Cinzia was short-listed by the European Commission, and proceeded to hearings before the EU Council and the European Parliament, for the role of Assistant European Data Protection Supervisor.


Since the GDPR was first proposed, Cinzia has served as a senior consultant to several C-suite teams in diverse global and national organisations in seeking to shape the development of EU data protection law, and later to understand, scope and build preparatory plans for, and implement GDPR in a pragmatic manner while managing legal and regulatory risks appropriately. Cinzia latterly directed a GDPR Programme full-time for a niche FS firm.