Rupert Spiegelberg


CEO of online identity verification firm, IDnow, Rupert Spiegelberg has more than 17 years’ experience building B2B technology businesses in Europe and the United States.  Previously CEO of New York-based Investis Inc., a leading SaaS provider of investor relations and communications solutions for publicly-quoted companies, Spiegelberg established the US company as the fastest growing in its sector with offices in New York and San Francisco. Prior to this, he led Investis´ European expansion and overall product strategy. He holds British and Swiss dual nationality and has an MBA.

Online identity verification and e-signature is one of FinTech's fastest growing areas and already a multi-billion euro market as financial services and other sectors seek to shift the customer experience to an online-only experience. This means they are accelerating the adoption of technologies that allow them to verify their customer's identities without the need for paper documentation while remaining in compliance with European Anti-Money Laundering and electronic signature regulations. The European market for online identity verification and e-signature services could be worth as much as €10 billion per annum according to IDnow estimates.