Anneke Schmider

Director, Strategic Policy (International)

Anneke Schmider has been recently appointed to the new role Director of Strategic Policy (International) at the ICO.   She has unique international experience for this role, combining data governance and policy, data innovation and advanced analytics, and data sharing and protection. 

Anneke has seen the power and impact of well-managed data systems.  Anneke led global data programmes at the World Health Organization, Geneva; and delivered the first WHO artificial intelligence (AI) pilot for public health. She championed data strengthening process and technologies in Africa and Asia-Pacific, led data innovation projects with UNICEF, Canada IDRC and World Bank; and influenced World Bank investments aimed at strengthening country data systems. In Australia she led innovative research data programmes within legislated data agencies, negotiating new data governance models, and leading the use of new technologies and analytical approaches to deliver a broad range of innovative research and data.

Anneke is a political economist with an innovation policy focus.  She holds an MSc with distinction, and postgraduate qualifications in policy and innovation. She is currently working on a PhD on global innovation systems.