The Public Sector Conference at the Data Protection World Forum will focus on the issues that are at the top of the agenda for compliance professionals in the public sector.

Due to the wide reaching nature of the public sector there is a natural requirement for services and enterprises to hold large amounts of data for a sustained period of time. 

Much of the data collected in the public sector falls into the category of sensitive data, which carries a different set of even more stringent regulatory rules and restrictions. 

Understanding how the data protection and privacy landscape is evolving is imperative to any public sector professional who deals with the compliance of data and privacy.

Getting left behind is not an option; organisations could risk facing great consequences, not only for the organisation, but for the individual's data in question.

The Public Sector Conference at Data Protection World Forum will equip public sector professionals with necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the ever changing regulatory landscape of data protection and privacy. 

Taking place over two days, on 20th and 21st of November 2018, the event will see the world's leading data protection and privacy experts deliver in-depth and interactive sessions. 



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