Surviving the Data Explosion: Practical Steps for Successfully Managing Unstructured Data

Are we experiencing a data explosion or data implosion? With data growth not slowing down any time soon, one thing is clear: traditional approaches to managing information aren’t working (just look at the frequency of major data breaches splashed across the front page of the news.) Following the tendency to collect and keep data “just in case we need it later”, companies are now faced with navigating the collection, storage, and management of vast amounts of data without understanding contents, locations, and access. This blind spot creates significant privacy and security risk. Join this session to learn from firsthand experience how to build a strong data protection strategy and solve the most pressing unstructured data challenges.


CEO and Founder, ActiveNav

Director, Data Analytics, The Crypsis Group

Director, Governance, Risk, and Compliance, LogMeIn

Data Ethics and Privacy Expert

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