Annick O'Brien

Privacy and Compliance Consultant, Data Privacy Analytics

Annick O'Brien, solicitor, (England and Wales, Ireland); certified compliance officer (ACOI) is a senior compliance lawyer with strong track record in compliance program management and training & awareness projects.

She has run compliance programs for security companies, financial sector and FMCG. With a special focus on privacy, data integrity and information security she works to integrate risk mitigation in parallel to business strategy.

My Sessions

Building a Risk Management Framework for the Future

Managing risk is at the heart of any data protection programme and building a strategy which can navigate changes in market and business strategy is crucial. This panel consider best practice and how to measure the long term sustainability of your plan.

Employee’s Right to Privacy: Remote Working and Beyond

An employee’s right to privacy when remote working has asked new questions of organisations’ relationship with staff, as technology allows ever closer monitoring of activity and behaviour. But are employers missing an opportunity to create new trust-based social contracts?

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