Ariel Zamir

R&D and Product Director, NetApp’s Israeli Innovation Center

Ariel is an R&D and Product director at NetApp’s Israeli Innovation Center (NASDAQ: NTAP), a position he holds since the data protection and AI company where he has been COO, Cognigo, was acquired by NetApp. 

Ariel divides his time between overseeing technology development and reviewing new technologies for NetApp Israel.

Prior to managing Cognigo, Ariel was the VP of R&D and the Executive VP of The Fifth Dimension, developing a unique big data and AI intelligence system, using large amounts of unstructured data and proprietary artificial intelligence. Ariel had also worked at the intelligence division of Verint Systems (NASDAQ: VRNT), running development of real time communication interception systems. 

Ariel holds an EMBA from the joint program of the Kellogg-Recanati program in Northwestern and the Tel Aviv Universities and is a former combat helicopter pilot.

My Sessions

What Does a Successful Data Access Governance Programme Look Like?

Strong walls only get you so far – the nature of a best practice approach to data access governance is to increase the focus on how data is controlled internally. This session brings together experts to discuss advances in approaches to data access so your business can have visibility of what data you have, who has access and how access is achieved. The panel will focus on how to build policies, procedures and controls to reduce the risks associated with unauthorised access.

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