Catherine Chapman

Cyber Security Journalist and Founding Board Member, InfoSec Hoppers

Catherine Chapman is an experienced journalist and founding board member of InfoSec Hoppers, a Manchester-based information security skills and diversity group.

My Sessions

Embedding Security and Risk Management into Your Organisation

We explore how security can be included from the outset and embedded across organisations.

Understanding Security Regulations and Compliance

Cyber compliance requirements can vary in complexity and be imposed by law enforcement, regulatory bodies and even industry groups. This session surveys key regulatory mandates and schemes and ways in which businesses can implement technical controls, policies and procedures based on requirements.

The Evolving Security Landscape: Trends to Expect in 2021 and Beyond

What is the current state of cybercrime and what are the common types of incidents being reported? We explore the true extent and cost of security breaches, developments in the attacker ecosystem and how businesses can protect and defend against these. Our panelists will also look to future trends, outlining what new risks businesses should expect in 2021 and beyond.

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