Danika Brinda

Information Security Officer, Fulcrum Health, Inc.

Danika Brinda, PhD serves as an expert in healthcare privacy and security requirements.  Danika Brinda brings a wealth of practical experience to healthcare organization and business associates in the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy and Security as well as state required privacy and security regulations.  Danika’s experience with HIPAA Privacy and Security includes conducting risk assessments, creation and implementation of risk mitigation plans, creation and updating of policies and procedure, creating and conducting HIPAA education sessions, breach notification process, and creation of privacy and security governance programs within healthcare facilities.  Danika is a subject matter expert in the field of privacy and security and she has extensive knowledge working with both paper and electronic environments, including a wide range of experience with different electronic health records in different healthcare specialties.

Danika has conducted numerous amounts of state and national education sessions on HIPAA Privacy and Security, educating more than 300 people in the states of Minnesota and North Dakota through Privacy and Security Bootcamps.  Danika has been a national speaker for the American Health Information Management Association on privacy and security over the past years.

Danika’s experience also expands into EHR implementation, Meaningful Use, EHR optimization, and many different areas of healthcare information technology.

My Sessions

US Privacy and Security: Healthcare After a Crisis

The US experience of the coronavirus pandemic represents a special case in terms of a country’s response - its size, federal structure and healthcare system combine to create significant challenges, including for privacy professionals. This panel considers the practical issues that practitioners in healthcare providers face now and in the future.

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