Dr Vasileios Karagiannopoulos

Reader in Cyber Crime & Cybersecurity, University of Portsmouth

Dr Vasileios Karagiannopoulos is  Reader in Cyber Crime & Cybersecurity, University of Portsmouth and Director of the Cybercrime Awareness Clinic.

He teaches  Digital Forensic Investigations, Cyberlaw, Governance and Human Rights and Online Activism, Cyberterrorism and Cyberwarfare for the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies' new BSc in Criminology and Cybercrime. 

My Sessions

Building Your Security Dream Team

How can you guarantee that your security team has the right skills and resources to implement your cyber security plan? This session discusses strategies for building and growing strong security teams which are aligned with your organisation’s objectives. We look at defining roles, team structures, recruiting skills, and overcoming cultural and resource barriers.

Investing in Your People: The Value of Security Awareness and Engagement

The best way to secure your network and keep your data safe is to invest in your employees. We discuss ways to mitigate risks through awareness training, strategies for getting buy-in for security awareness exercises, and best practice on decreasing social engineering and phishing attacks.

The Deployment of AI, ML and Emerging Technologies in Cyber Defence

The deployment of new and cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can help security specialists to analyse and correlate data to identify patterns, scan various risks, gain predictive insights and forecast potential breaches. But these emerging technologies are also being deployed in adversarial attacks, and increasingly being used to orchestrate sophisticated breaches. This session covers key trends in this space and explores how businesses can responsibly deploy AI and ML for cyber defence.

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