Emma Green

Cyber, Data Protection, Legal, Green CDL Ltd

The CDL in Green CDL stands for Cyber, Data Protection and Legal. GreenCDL was co-founded with my partner, John Green, a practicing data protection and cyber security lawyer.

I am a trainer with over 20 years experience delivering classroom based instructor led face to face (ILT) and virtual instructor led training (VILT).

Over the years I have designed, developed, authored and delivered a range of engaging Data protection and Cyber Security training including award winning eLearning.

In between training assignments, I put the theory into practice supporting our clients in data protection and cyber security across many industries,  in both the public and private sector ranging in size from large international organisations to smaller SME’s. This invaluable real world experience further adds colour and value to the courses I deliver.

My strong technical background means I can talk tech to techies, I co-authored an IBM Redbook.

I am also a Cyber Essentials Assessor and Green CDL is a certifying body.

My Sessions

Your Privacy Awareness Training Program: Instilling a Culture of Compliance

Your staff are both your biggest weakness and strength. If your employees don’t know how to handle data at your organization compliantly, it could have an impact on reputation and resources. Training staff on privacy to reduce the risk of data breaches and malpractice will not only put trust in your employees to do the right thing, but it will establish trust with your customers in how you handle their data. This session will explore the importance of trust and training best practices.

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