Hillary Brill

Interim Executive Director, Institute for Technology Law & Policy | Georgetown University Law Center

Hillary Brill is a nationally recognized technology policy advocate, practitioner, and educator with over 20 years of technology and communication experience including academic, legislative, legal, media, and grassroots experience.  She leads Georgetown University’s Institute for Technology Law & Policy, where she establishes its research agenda and is responsible for its  public convenings and education initiatives, and engagement with policymakers, civil society, and other stakeholders.

My Sessions

Technological Development and the Impact on Children's Data Privacy

The education sector faces some unique challenges involved in protecting data, with a large proportion of underaged ‘clients’ and new delivery mechanisms created from scratch in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Privacy issues involved in the collection and use of children’s data presents a special case for many organisations in many regulatory regimes as they take shape – we look at the prospects for inconsistent demands being placed on education providers which span states. 

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