Linda NiChualladh

EMEA Head of Privacy, Citigroup

Linda is an Associate General Counsel and EMEA Head of Privacy (Legal) at Citi. Prior to Citi, Linda was both the Regulatory and Competition Counsel and the Data Protection Counsel for the An Post Group based in Ireland focusing on antitrust, communications regulation, and in particular on the development of the Data Protection practice and rollout of GDPR both within the group and as part of its functions under EU law and as part of the United Nations UPU.

Working in the private sector and also in public enforcement, Linda’s main focus was WTO and trade law with a specific emphasis on competition law /antitrust and behavioural economics. She served as legal advisor to the Chairperson of the Irish Competition Authority, established the International Policy Unit and represented Ireland at OECD, ICN, and in the EU Commission committees on antitrust, trade and enforcement.

A graduate of law with emphasis on EU studies from University College Dublin, Linda also attended college in Hanover in Germany and won a scholarship for her PhD studies in the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. She has been a member of the Legal500’s General Counsel Power List since it began in Ireland and her teams have also been included in the Legal500 Ireland Teams Power List on each occasion of its publication.

My Sessions

Data Risks and Challenges in M&A Transactions

For the last 10 years, global M&A activity has been booming. Over the same period there has been an exponential increase in the volume of data used by businesses with the advent of new technologies and services. A parallel development has been the increase of new data protection regulations across the globe introducing responsibilities and elevated risks for businesses involved in M&A activity. This panel will discuss the underlying risks and considerations associated with data in M&A transactions, how emerging technologies can help, and the skills needed to brave the new M&A data landscape.

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