Lynn Winiarczyk

Business Technology Manager, Master Data and Data Governance, KeyBank

Lynn is the Manager of the Data Governance area at KeyBank and has been with Key for over 5 years working on data related projects that include partnering with Enterprise Security for data protection; Privacy and Legal on the California Privacy Act; as well as with the Data Management technical team and Analyst community on the Data Supply Chain Cloud initiatives.With almost 25 years of IT experience in the Banking, Food Service and Health Care industries, Lynn has managed a Network Operations Center served as the Program Manager for HR and Payroll systems and worked as a business analyst and quality assurance tester as well as a corporate trainer.Lynn has a Master’s degree in Educational Technology and a Bachelor’s in Business and Economics.

My Sessions

KeyBank’s Compliance Transformation: The Road to Operationalizing Security and Privacy Visibility and Controls

KeyBank’s compliance transformation: The road to operationalizing security and privacy visibility and controls Join our fireside chat, where Anhad will interview Lynn at KeyBank to dive into her team’s compliance journey, which remains an ongoing evolution. Lynn will discuss their successes and lessons learned throughout the process of data modernization and management, reducing risk, the impact to company culture, alignment to strategic business goals, all while meeting privacy and regulatory compliance requirements.

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