Mahbubul Islam

Chief Information Security Officer, HM Courts & Tribunal Service

Mahbubul Islam is CISO at HM Courts & Tribunal Service in the UK and is also director of The Security Institute.

Mahbubul is a Chartered Security Professional (CSyP) and a highly skilled Cyber Security expert with a detailed grounding in personnel, procedural, physical, and technical security. In that period, he has led numerous agile and non-agile teams on Security engagements in UK Government Departments.

My Sessions

How Diversity Can Enable Organisations to Combat Security Risks

A diverse cybersecurity team is critical to generating ideas and processes needed to confront security risks. This session explores how diversity can improve outcomes and fuel innovation and produce opportunities for under-represented groups. The panel will also discuss the challenge of overcoming common barriers and biases and addressing challenges in the security talent pipeline and retention.

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