Michael Morrissey

Chief Commercial Officer, Sytorus

Mike is co-founder and Chief Information Security Officer of Sytorus, a technology driven data protection company. For over twenty years Mike has worked across the information technology landscape, focusing on privacy solutions since 2012. He specialises in helping organisations, from start-ups to large multi-nationals, identify appropriate technical solutions to address specific privacy use cases. Of particular interest is the requirement to ensure effective deployment, measurement and scalability of privacy programs within the legal bounds of the GDPR. He also supports organisations in ensuring these capabilities are aligned alongside international information security standards, such as ISO 27001. The ultimate pragmatist, an additional area of focus for him is guiding multi-disciplinary privacy teams to success by ensuring they can effectively collaborate better using technology and smart processes.

My Sessions

Solving Data Retention Once and for All Through Smart Decisions and Meaningful Implementation

In a data driven world, an organization largely depends on the data it has and uses. Part of fruitful processing data is making sure that you know when data must be kept and when it must be removed. Your data is subject to thousands of data retention periods, which vary per country and industry. Unfortunately, these rules often are conflicting forcing companies to make smart risk based decisions. Implementing a data retention policy will help organizations to be in control of their data and enhance compliance with laws, including the EU GDPR and the CCPA. During session presentation, we will give tips and tricks to organizations that are in various stages of implementing a data retention policy.

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