Noris Ismail

Managing Director, Ankura

Noris Ismail is a UK, EMEA and Asia Data Privacy Consulting Practice Leader and Global Data Protection and Privacy Specialist. He has experience across Financial Services, Automotive, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Energy & Asset, Products & Services, (Consumer Products), Retail, Public Sector (Regulatory), Food and Beverages, Hospitality and Life Sciences

My Sessions

Artificial Intelligence Data Privacy & Cyber Security Assurance

The region’s economic growth and technical innovation over the last two decades has resonated through almost all industries but what will the coming years bring in terms of APAC’s influence over AI, privacy and security? This panel will look at the interplay between the most important countries and market sectors.

Best Practice Advice on Data Sharing Requests Policy

The regulatory regimes across the Middle East and North Africa are going through a stage of rapid development and alignment, creating challenges for companies doing business across the region. This panel will look at best practice in the specific policy area of data sharing requests.

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