Ross Parker

Head of Privacy Operations, S&P Global

Ross Parker is the Head of Privacy Operations and Global Strategy for S&P Global Inc. In his current role, he coordinates with the Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) in the strategic planning, management, and direction of the Global Privacy program.

Ross has assisted with, or overseen, all stages of the implementation of compliance programs, policies and procedures for GDPR, CCPA, and emerging privacy regulations across the world.

Ross works with his team to assess S&P Global’s existing data management and privacy practices, identifying risk areas and opportunities for improvement, and provide global-level project management and oversight for corporate privacy operations across the enterprise.

Ross currently resides in Charlottesville, Virginia and, when not working, enjoys skiing, playing music, and spending time with his two daughters

My Sessions

U.S. Privacy Laws: State-Level Approaches to Data Privacy

The development of state-level regulation on data protection is likely to upend the current paradigm relationship between individuals and private business – we review the regulatory direction of travel and what the next two years are likely to bring

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