Rowenna Fielding

Data Protection Specialist, Miss IG Geek Ltd

Rowenna Fielding is an experienced data protection practitioner with over a decade of experience advising voluntary and commercial organisations. Formerly a specialist in information security management, Rowenna obtained the ISEB Certificate in Data Protection in 2011 and has since been focused onadvising private, public and voluntary sector organisations on how to integrate the requirements of privacy law into business operations, both from in-house and as a consultant. Rowenna's articles, interviews and presentations are been prominent in the data protection landscape for their humour, pragmatism and insight.

My Sessions

Diversity in Privacy – Practical Steps to Drive Change

In our ongoing series on diversity in the data protection profession, we bring together a varied group of practitioners to discuss how to translate theory (it’s a good thing to do) into practice (it’s a thing done well)

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