Sawan Joshi

Head of Information Security, Firstport UK

I am an IT Risk Management Professional with over 15 years of IT Transformation experience. I have effectively changed companies that I have worked for by implementing systems and processes that are secure and private by design, leading acquisitions & migrations, Upgrades and Consolidations improving Infosec posture and minimising business risk in multiple industries.

I have successfully lead ISO 27001 certifications, Cyber Essentials Plus and adapted companies to adopt NIST controls for strengthened Cyber Security posture.Microsoft 365, Amazon AWS, IAAS and other SAAS solutions are tools of the trade for me accompanied by a sound and convincing communication strategy.


I am also the only guy you will meet who has quadruplets, clearly my biggest achievement to date.

My Sessions

Data Protection and Security in the Cloud

As the cloud environment continues to develop and new mechanisms are introduced which affect organisations’ strategies, opportunities and risks grow in complexity. This session discusses likely technical developments and how practitioners can analyse their own processes to ensure they are fully taking advantage of them.

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