Sharleen Mitchell-Matheson MSc

Founder and Principal Consultant, Secure and Govern Ltd

While working in IT and Information Governance for over 27 years, obtaining a Masters in cyber security has solidified my years of experience across the Public and Private sectors from Retail, Estate agents,  local authority, Health NHS and caring, compliance, energy oil and gas (BNFL and BG) Government (chambers of commerce, MOD), HMP Prisons, charities

As Founder of Secure and Govern which is a Management Consultancy supporting organisation, SME, Charities and more to remain compliant with regulations and standards such as GDPR,ISO27001, auditing checklist and more. Where needed building strategies and writing policies in line the organisation requirements, supporting with spot checks for thorough compliance with laws and standards, whilst supporting on due diligence with procuring contract signing via Data Protection Impact assessments (DPIA), IT tech requirements.

My Sessions

US Privacy and Security: Healthcare After a Crisis

The US experience of the coronavirus pandemic represents a special case in terms of a country’s response - its size, federal structure and healthcare system combine to create significant challenges, including for privacy professionals. This panel considers the practical issues that practitioners in healthcare providers face now and in the future.

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