Sjoera Nas

Senior Privacy Adviser, Privacy Company

Sjoera Nas (MA) is a leading privacy and internet expert. Since May 2018 she works as senior privacy advisor for PrivacyCompany in The Hague. Before, Sjoera worked for 12 years as senior Inspector in the internet inspection team of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, where she authored or co authored many opinions of the Article 29 Working Party.

SinceMay 2018 Sjoera has conducted many Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)on different products and services of Microsoft for the Dutch ministry ofJustice. She is currently working on DPIAs for the Dutch government on services of other American cloud providers, such as Google, Oracle and Amazon WebServices. She currently also serves as external DPO for five organisations from the public and private sector.

My Sessions

Shaping the Future of Data Privacy: Upcoming Global Regulations in 2021

This year has been a major one for regulatory change, with major changes in the US, Brazil and the UAE. But there is much more to come - this panel selects the biggest implications for new regulation 2021 around the world as well as assessing likely enforcement trends in key regions.

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