Yaniv Avidan

Co-founder and CEO, MinerEye

Yaniv Avidan has over 15 years of experience in the data analytics domain. He led several business units and corporate innovation teams in business intelligence, machine learning, big data and cyber security analytics. Yaniv led enterprise class cyber advanced analytics program at Intel, comprising of data scientists and cyber threat intelligence experts, reporting to C level executives.

Prior to Intel, he managed an advanced battle field simulation program for the Israeli ministry of defense, partnering with Lockheed Martin and Cubic Defense Systems, developing a complex interdisciplinary system comprised of RT, Comm relay, and Advanced analytics components. Yaniv holds a B.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering from the Ben-Gurion University in Israel.

My Sessions

The Price of Non-Governance in Your Unstructured Data

What role does unstructured data play in your organization? What benefits can tight management of unstructured data deliver to an organization? What is the price of non-governance on your business operations?

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