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Netskope - Privacy In The Cloud

Our panel of experts discussed the challenges of data protection and privacy in multi-cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) environments. Covering topics such as; 

  • Contractual agreements
  • Geolocation challenges 
  • Management of data transfers with sub-processors across the globe





Onetrust - Managing Global Privacy Laws

The GDPR changed the way people and businesses think about privacy. With its extraterritorial scope and high noncompliance fines, it forced companies to implement ongoing, operational and privacy-focused initiatives by design into their businesses, changing the way companies interact with customers, employees and vendors. 

Since its enforcement date, the regulation has been a catalyst for new data protection laws across the globe: including groundbreaking new regulations in California, Brazil, India and others, meaning global businesses will need to reassess their privacy compliance across a growing matrix of regulatory requirements. 

In this session, we will discuss the current state of the global privacy environment and how companies can build programs that address the overarching requirements of various data protection laws.




Commvault - Building A Data Strategy For GDPR Compliance

A year on from the start date, many organisations are quietly admitting they still don’t consider themselves to be compliant with GDPR. Surveys are coming out that confirm this, all at a time when the regulators seem to be getting serious about enforcing this regulation. The question is this – are GDPR plans failing, or is gaining control of data the real challenge?

In many organisations the main challenge is still data:

  • Avoiding a breach and dealing with its consequences
  • Dealing with data on laptops and in the cloud
  • Finding and erasing data

This webinar will help you build a data strategy for GDPR and beyond, and as well as dealing with the topics above, we will also take a look at how good data controls can provide financial and business benefits beyond mere compliance. The session is suitable for Chief Data Officers, Data Protection Officers and IT teams responsible for data management.





Dataguise - Protect Customer Privacy While Enriching Data Analytics

Effectively complying with global privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires an automated technology solution that is designed to discover and protect sensitive data across a variety of repositories—and, ideally, preserves the business value and availability of that data.

Dataguise are experts in sensitive data management, assisting companies with regulatory compliance. This webinar will outline how you can meet privacy standards while enabling analytics teams to use data and better serve clients. 

You'll learn from a direct case study of Trōv Insurance Solutions, and how they were able to anonymize production data to help comply with GDPR and other data privacy regulations. 

Webinar Objectives

  • Reduce risk by masking personally identifiable information (PII) before it enters your data repositories.
  • Effectively inspect all kinds of data—structured and unstructured—for sensitive information.
  • Create a simplified solution to better prepare for GDPR audits of personal data.





Trustarc - Consent & Legitimate Interest: The Continuing Debate

The GDPR has raised the bar with new requirements on companies to justify their use of EU personal data. And while relying on consent is not the only legal option available, it’s successfully put GDPR at the top of every inbox as consumers were submerged in emails from companies urging them to “stay in touch” or “not miss out”. 

With a divergence of opinion, consent management remains a hot topic and has generated a lot of questions and uncertainty. 

Legitimate Interest is an equally valid legal basis for processing personal data, however this remains a grey area for many companies.

Our experts on this webcast will cover:

  • The most recent guidance from regulators on seeking consent 
  • The fundamentals of Consent Management
  • Sample consent forms, legitimate interests assessments and other best practice examples
  • Use cases of Legitimate Interest & limitations
  • Industry response to new regulations - how has marketing changed?




Dataguidance - SARS: Challenges And Solutions

This exclusive broadcast sees Subject Access Rights discussed by our panel of industry professionals, including: Data Protection Officer at iSTORM Solutions Limited, Richard Merrygold; DPO at GDPR Institut, Ray Ford and APAC and CIS Privacy Analyst at DataGuidance by OneTrust, Holly Highams.

Meeting the SAR challenge

A subject access request (SAR) is a right of access granted to individuals who wish to obtain the records that a company holds on them. Having become applicable as part of the General Data Protection Regulation, it is a fundamental aspect of the legislative framework’s ethics of transparency, control and accountability.

Companies have 30 days in which to respond to a SAR following its receipt, at the risk of incurring regulator penalties and reputational damage. It is essential that organisations have the processes and practices in place to support the swift and accurate delivery of SARs as and when they arrive.

The danger of getting caught out when a subject access request is made is very real. By training staff, auditing data including data held by third parties, and preparing a plan which you practise and communicate, businesses can minimise the risk involved.




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