When it comes to Data Protection, everyone is a stakeholder. 

The Data Protection World Forum will be structured around carefully curated content streams to allow delegates to focus on the issues that matter the most to them and allow them to deep dive into specialised topics.

The DPO Round Tables

GDPR stipulates that an organisation must offer staff, budget and resources to support the DPO to carry out their duties and that they must be able to perform their duties independently.

DPO’s have a crucial role to play in giving advice and help in solving data protection issues.

To meet the new GDPR requirements an estimated 28,000 DPOs will have been hired across Europe.

Six months after the regulation becomes enforceable DPO’s will attend Data Protection World Forum to:

  • discuss best practice approaches

  • share experiences and solutions

  • keep up-to-date with the latest cases and enforcement activity

  • understand the latest guidance global on data transfers

  • identify the latest software to manage data for GDPR

Additionally the DPO’s will attend to get hands on with solutions and services; data storage, SaaS providers, managed service providers, ISPs, Telcos, email delivery systems and social networking platforms.

Content rich theatres

Senior Business Decision Makers from; Marketing, HR, IT, Compliance, Legal, finance and other directors focused on data governance, data quality and compliance will attend Data Protection World Forum to stay up to date with the latest thinking, technology, legal, consultancy and training products and services needed in a data-driven culture.

Data Protection and Privacy gives organisations the opportunity to drive value by building infrastructure and platforms that also address regulatory concerns and Data Protection World Forum will be the place to go for; information, ideas, advice and inspiration.

Job titles attending Data Protection World Forum will include:

Data Protection Officer // Data Protection Practitioner // Head of Data Protection // Head of Privacy // VP of Privacy // Chief Information Officer // Chief Information Security Officer // Chief Risk & Compliance Officer // Cyber Security Manager // Managing Director Cyber Security

Director of Risk & Compliance // Director of Compliance // Head of Compliance // Head of Governance & Risk // Head of Legal //  / Chief Legal Compliance Officer // Information Risk Manager // Risk & Compliance Director // Security Analyst // Security Architect 

Chief Digital Officer // Chief Innovation Officer // Chief Marketing Officer // Chief Technology Officer // Head of Digital Risk // Chief Executive Officer // Chief Financial Officer // Chief Operating Officer // Head of Business Solutions

C-Suite & C-1 decision makers – Keynote Theatre

Risk is everyone’s business and C-suite members and senior-level IT professionals have to stay informed about the latest regulatory and security issues.

The C-Suite Keynote Conference at Data Protection World Forum will attract aspirational leaders looking for; inspiration and actionable strategic advice.

Subjects covered will include both opportunities and threats including:

  • GDPR – the story so far….

  • Financial risk – fines/mitigation, ransomware, data-loss

  • Reputational risk - maintaining stakeholder trust

  • Crisis management – leadership, PR, Social media

  • Disaster recovery -  back up and running as fast as possible

  • Brexit - UK’s potential new status as a “third country”

  • Digital disruption – AI, IoT & Blockchain

  • Compliance - a decisive competitive advantage



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